This is a demake version of the Dark Souls game for the Game Boy Jam 5.


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Nice adaptation! It preserves the basic spirit of Dark Souls and certainly seems like it would work on a GameBoy! It would be nice if you could also run, and if stamina replenished a little faster, and that final boss needs to be fixed. Regardless, it was a pleasure playing Dark Souls boiled down to its core.


Dayum, DS would have been way harder on GameBoy! Not sure it would have been as popular. Neat idea though, keep it up. Would love to give it another go with some sound and music :)


intersting. asylum demon is unbeatable though, i can't damage him.

pretty awesome, cant beat the final boss though. but everything else is pretty cool.

Really nice but can't it the final boss :/

Plays better at Chrome.